Bookstore (new version now in development)

Where creators and publishing communities share finished works with their communities, or offer them to the wider world.
In Bookstore, individuals and communities can decide which of their finished works they want to make available within their community or to wider world through the web. Electronic materials can be made available for free or at a price, and libraries can purchase subscriber access for priced material. Printed books and other physical products can also be offered through Bookstore.

For Schools:

Once published by their teacher, students’ work appears in their own bookstore, as well as in the class bookstore created by their teacher. Of course, these will mostly be free, but there is no reason why a collection of student works could not be created as a school fundraiser, for instance, and made available in print or electronic formats.

At the Frontiers of Innovation:

Bookstore is a fully functioning service for self-managing knowledge communities and conventional publishers. It provides a self-managed avenue for authors to take their work directly to the world—for free or at a charge. To charge or not to charge is a strategic decision to be made by the bookstore owner. Bookstore can also serve as the basis for sustainability strategies in which non-profit groups, businesses, research institutes, or teaching departments create a supplemental revenue stream.