Scholar—Publisher is a space for organizing projects, where teachers or members of publishing communities can interact closely with each other as they help to develop works through drafting, feedback, revision and publication phases.

Publisher allows you to design and manage publishing projects. As a publisher, you can decide who will be involved and invite them to join in. You can plan who does what, in what order, and by what deadline. You can ask people to review, annotate, or complete surveys on the work, either anonymously or with the creator and the person giving the feedback knowing each other’s identity.
You can also customize your knowledge evaluation tools, by creating a review format or designing a survey. You can save these to use again in a later project, or share with others to use in their projects.

For Schools:

Teachers can simply and conveniently manage projects involving the whole class, or different students or groups of students doing different projects. They can create review formats, suggest annotation criteria, and design surveys—all of which will provide both the teacher and the student with valuable formative and summative assessment data.

At the Frontiers of Innovation:

Publisher is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and systematic knowledge evaluation and project management infrastructure available today. It is ideally suited for knowledge, design, and cultural communities—professional or amateur—supporting powerful of modes of community evaluation