Learn More About the Article Publication Process

Step-by-Step Guide

Outlining the publication process and submission timeline

The Publication Process

1. Submit a conference presentation proposal or a proposal for article submission.

2. Once your conference presentation proposal has been accepted, you may submit your article by clicking the “Add a Paper” button on the right side of your proposal page. You may upload your article anytime between the first and the final submission deadlines. (See dates below)

3. Once your article is received, it is verified against template and submission requirements. If your article satisfies these requirements, your identity and contact details are then removed, and the article is matched to two appropriate referees and sent for review. You can view the status of your article at any time by logging into your CGPublisher account at www.CGPublisher.com.

4. When both referee reports are uploaded, and after the referees’ identities have been removed, you will be notified by email and provided with a link to view the reports. If your article is rejected, you may resubmit it once, with a detailed change note, for review by new referees.

5. If your article has been accepted or accepted with revisions, it will enter the membership confirmation stage. We require at least one author associated with the article to have a unique Community Membership or Conference registration. Please note: This membership must match the Knowledge Community and year of the proposal submitted.

6. Next you will be asked to accept the Publishing Agreement and submit a final copy of your article. If your article is accepted with revisions, you will be required to submit a change note with your final submission, explaining how you have revised your article in light of the referees’ comments.

7. Once we have received the final submission of your article, which was accepted or accepted with revisions, our Publishing Department will give your article a final review. This final review will verify that you have complied with the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition), and will check any edits you have made while considering the feedback of your referees. After this review has been satisfactorily completed, your article will be typeset and a proof will be sent to you for approval before publication.

8. Individual articles may be published “Web First” with a full citation. Full issues follow at regular, quarterly intervals. All issues are published four times per volume (except the annual review, which is published once per volume).

Submission Timeline

You may submit your article for publication to the journal at any time throughout the year. The rolling submission deadlines are as follows:

• Submission Round 1 – 15 January

• Submission Round 2 – 15 April

• Submission Round 3 – 15 July

• Submission Round 4 (final) – 15 October

Note: If your article is submitted after the final deadline for the volume, it will be considered for the following year’s volume.The sooner you submit, the sooner your article will begin the peer review process. Also, because we publish “Web First,” early submission means that your article may be published with a full citation as soon as it is ready, even if that is before the full issue is published.